Marketing & Business Development Manager, Mediterranean Textile Company (S.A.E), Egypt

"I have really enjoyed the Socratic Method of learning. Unlike traditional methods, students are put in a situation and are questioned by the professor on their approaches to solve complex problems. Every student had his or her own approach to handle these situations, and of course there were huge disagreements. I have discovered the importance of listening to the others’ opinions which were at times quite different from mine, from people with completely different perspectives"

General Manager, Sales & Marketing Division , Honda Atlas Cars Ltd. Pakistan

I would highly recommend people to join the Executive MBA at LUMS as it will have a positive impact on their careers as well as their personalities. Moreover, you will start loving the place, the people and the instructors in no time!


Innovative style of teaching I had never known before

Law Associate

LUMS has served as a window into a whole new world for me.  I find myself more perceptive and sensitive regarding things that matter. My journey here has prepared me for the greater voyage we all owe ourselves.

Business Analyst

It's really an honor to be a part of the inaugural class.


COO, Tintash (Pvt.) Ltd.

"The Unique Selling Point of the LUMS MBA programme is the resources including students, faculty and guest speakers who will make you realise how many interesting career options you can create in both Pakistan and abroad. I think the kind of exposure it gives you by nature of how well entrenched it is in regional industry, government and academia makes it unique