We are excited to share updates from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at LUMS. Our ongoing efforts continue to focus on globalizing the university. We are dedicated to broadening students' and staff members' international perspectives and growth through various events, training sessions, visits, and engaging activities. Delve deeper into our achievements by exploring the noteworthy events we've hosted this fall.


B-International Staff Training on International Partnerships

LUMS' International Affairs hosted its second training in July 2023 with B-International partners NUST, COMSATS, LUMS, and PIFD. Divided into four segments, it enabled each Pakistani partner to lead, fostering diverse perspectives on partnership establishment, agreements, implementation, and hybrid participation. Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of Bologna enhanced the training virtually.

College students posing for a picture
College students posing for a picture

Celebrating Diversity

On the 15th of September, the OIA hosted a Meet and Greet session for our exchange students to help them adapt to the vibrant environment at LUMS. Presidents from various societies at LUMS participated in this session to celebrate diversity on Campus. Our International Students were given an overview of life at LUMS and several activities and events that they can be a part of.


B-International Staff Training on Academic Recognition

The OIA held the third B international WP training session, engaging all four universities (LUMS, NUST, PIFD, and COMSATS) on September 20th and 21st. This online program, led by Pakistan's B-International partners, focused on enhancing staff skills in academic recognition across four segments, with Ms. Ayesha Zia from the Registrar's Office leading a session on credit recognition. Sessions were held in a hybrid format at each institution's Center of Internationalization for broader participation.

College students posing for a picture
College students posing for a picture

Scholarship Information Session by the British Council

The OIA collaborated with the British Council for an impactful session on September 22nd, showcasing diverse programs and scholarships. The event's interactive nature and comprehensive presentation provided clarity and opportunities, highlighted by a tailored Q&A session. Attendees also enjoyed British Council merchandise, making the occasion memorable.


OIA Open House Fall 2023

The OIA organized an October 13th Open House focusing on student exchange queries, providing detailed insights into crucial aspects like expenses, eligibility, and credit transfers. Attendees found reassurance through this platform, engaging with the team and our Global Engagement Specialist, Miss Saniya Mansoor, who delivered a step-by-step presentation on exchange procedures, including pre and post-departure protocols, along with discussions on course evaluations and petition SOPs, offering a clear roadmap for aspiring exchange students.

College students posing for a picture
College students posing for a picture

B-International Training for Staff on External Funding

A two-day online training on October 24th and 25th, led by B-International consortium partners (NUST, COMSATS, LUMS, PIFD), aimed to enhance staff expertise in securing external funding. Divided into four segments, each partner institution led a segment, including a session by Dr. Furrukh Khan from MGSHSS on grant proposal essentials. The hybrid format engaged participants across the Centers of Internationalization in all four Pakistani partner institutions.


B-International Project Culmination Event

The OIA, concluding its 4-year Erasmus+ B-International project on November 28th, 2023, highlighted achievements and introduced the B-International Toolkit at LUMS. Partner institutions like PIFD, NUST, and COMSATS hosted dissemination events for the toolkit, crucial for advancing Higher Education in Pakistan, with Dr. Shahid Munir and Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed as distinguished guests emphasizing its importance.

College students posing for a picture
College students posing for a picture

McCall McBain Scholar Celebration Event

LUMS alum Faisal Sattar, BA-LL. B’18 graduate was honored with the esteemed McCall MacBain Scholarship in its inaugural cohort. A virtual ceremony held on November 9th, attended by Dr. Tariq Jadoon, the scholarship's founders - John McCall and Dr. Marcy MacBain, alongside the OIA team, celebrated Faisal's achievement and the beginning of his journey as a McCall MacBain Scholar. Faisal will be joining McGill University in Fall 2024 for his Masters degree.


The Office of International Affairs takes immense pride in facilitating our international mobility program. Each semester, a large number of students embark on enriching semester exchange experiences, spanning numerous countries worldwide. This Fall, seventeen exceptional students participated in a semester exchange program abroad, exploring not only Asian destinations but also venturing into Europe.


Internationalization at LUMS goes beyond welcoming the world to our campus; it also entails showcasing LUMS on the global platform. The Office of International Affairs has effectively organized visits and facilitated the reception of guests from different countries at LUMS.

B-International Consortium meeting

The 5th B-International Consortium meeting at École Centrale De Nantes (June 20-22, 2023) focused on launching the B-International Toolkit for...

Sakura Science Program

The J.F Oberlin University's Sakura Science Program, funded by Japan's Ministry of Science and Technology, hosted three dedicated LUMS Life Sciences students; Aleena...

Kent University visited LUMS

On October 6th, representatives from the University of Kent, UK, Ms. Simone Davies and Mr. Saad Wasim, visited LUMS to explore potential collaborations, with the LUMS OIA team providing a comprehensive presentation highlighting academic aspects and campus life.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Delegation visited LUMS

On November 15th, the Office of International Affairs showcased LUMS' commitment to global connections by hosting a significant event, featuring a specialized training session for a MOFA delegation, with impactful presentations from Nuzhat Kamran, Dr. Tariq Jadoon, and Dr. Ali Khan, fostering a meaningful exchange of ideas and paving the way for future cross-border partnerships.

Queen Mary University London visited LUMS

The meeting between QMUL and LUMS International Affairs teams paved the way for a promising partnership, fostering discussions on academic ties, exchange programs, and joint research initiatives, highlighting both universities' commitment to global collaboration and enriching educational experiences for students.

French Delegation visited LUMS

The Office of International Affairs at LUMS hosted a distinguished delegation from leading French universities, paving the way for potential international educational partnerships through discussions on joint research, student exchanges, and collaborative initiatives across MGSHSS, SDSB, and SBASSE faculties.


Through the collective efforts of the OIA, we have achieved successful collaborations and presented below is a comprehensive list of our expanding partnerships worldwide.

The OIA's endeavors have culminated in flourishing partnerships that are steadily expanding. Here are our recent collaborations:

  • LUMS has signed an MoU with I.E. University, Spain marking a significant milestone in the education landscape.
  • LUMS has recently renewed its MoU with Saarland University, Germany
  • American University Beirut (AUB) is amongst the recent partners of LUMS and both Universities have signed an MoU
  • Western Caspian University, Azerbaijan and LUMS recently signed an exchange agreement.

What’s new at the OIA

The OIA welcomed two students, Abderrahmane Labane and Radhwane Habra from Algeria under the International Mathetics Master program co-funded by Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). The IMM-LUMS program is a joint effort of SBASSE and the Math Department.

Incoming Exchange Student Testimonials

Urs Tristan Mayr
University of Passau, Germany

"My experience at LUMS was truly unforgettable and immensely enriching. Beyond the engaging and high-quality coursework, my semester allowed me to delve deeply into the vibrant and diverse culture of Pakistan, which was both eye-opening and fascinating. The diverse cultures and religions present in this country are incredibly worth exploring.

LUMS provided an exceptional opportunity for international students like myself to have a fulfilling exchange experience. The ongoing support from professors and the dedicated Office of International Affairs greatly enriched my journey. Personally, the campus itself was a highlight – its unique and captivating atmosphere was a joy to experience every day. LUMS is not just an educational institution; it's a fantastic place to grow, learn, and be inspired!"

Casper Muller
University of Kassel, Germany

As I reflect on my time spent at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) during my exchange program, I am filled with gratitude and joy. From the moment I set foot on the vibrant campus, I was warmly welcomed by a community of friendly and engaging students. These fellow students quickly turned into friends, enriching my experience with their diverse perspectives and camaraderie.

The LUMS campus itself is a testament to the university's commitment to providing an excellent learning environment. I found myself drawn to LUMS sports complex and the inviting swimming pool, that became a part of my daily routine. They not only offered a space for physical wellness but also became a hub for socializing and unwinding after intense study sessions. Academically, LUMS exceeded my expectations. The professors at LUMS are a cornerstone of the institution's excellence. Each faculty member brings a wealth of knowledge, both academic and practical, to their teaching. This appealing academic environment fostered a drive to excel, an aspect I will carry with me in my future endeavors. Further, I was amazed by the myriad of active student societies and their enthusiasm for enriching life on campus. A highlight for me was the opportunity to collaborate with the LUMS Radio Society, where we recorded a podcast. This experience was not only fun but also a great learning opportunity.

The city of Lahore itself is a vibrant metropolis, rich in cultural heritage and brimming with life. From exploring the ancient Mughal architecture to indulging in the local culinary delights at the food streets, Lahore has been an immersive cultural journey.

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