Faculty Profile

Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Afzal

Teaching Fellow

Department Of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Mr. Afzal did MSc in Chemical Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia in 2016 with thesis focusing on effects of microwave radiations on electrical and thermal properties of PVA Nano composite films in electronic applications. Prior to joining LUMS, he was working as a Lecturer in the School of Chemical Engineering at Minhaj University, Lahore in 2017. Mr. Afzal’s professional experience also includes working as Research Assistant at King Fahd University as well as Project In Charge & Production Officer Formulation in Tara Imperial Industries (Pvt) Limited.

At present, his research centers on the formation of polymer nanocomposites and mathematical modeling for crystallization and thermal kinetics. He is also very keen towards the synthesis and development of metal organics frameworks (MOF) and their use in membrane formation for different gas separation processes. Mr. Afzal has several publications and awards including Fellowship for Master’s program at King Fahd University.

His research interests include:

1. Electrochemistry (Energy storage devices)
2. Conductive Polymeric Nanocomposites
3. Polymer Nanocomposites for renewable energy application
4. Metal organic framework (MOF) synthesis.

In his leisure time, Mr. Afzal enjoys cricket and music.