Faculty Profile

Dr. Muhammad Shafique

Assistant Professor

Suleman Dawood School of Business

Dr. Shafique earned Ph.D. in economics and management of innovation and technological change from Maastricht University and United Nations University, The Netherlands. His research concerns the evolution and structural changes in the national and global systems of innovation with a focus on the role of corporate, business, and R&D strategies of firms. Prior to Ph.D., he received M.Sc. in economics and business administration from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, with a focus on strategic management. He has received presidential award of academic excellence twice and has been serving in academia since 2002.

His research is based on evolutionary and network perspectives of organizations and the systems in which these are embedded. Accordingly, his research draws upon several fields including evolutionary economics, strategic management, sociology of knowledge, and science and technology studies. Practical implications of his research concern corporate strategy and organization, R&D strategy, technological forecasting, strategic management of intellectual capital, and science and technology policy.

His teaching interests in the academic as well as executive programs include strategic management, strategic organization, and innovation.