Faculty Profile

Dr. Zubair Khalid

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

I received my B.Sc. (First-class Hons.) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan in 2008. I received the Ph.D. degree in Engineering from the Australian National University of Canberra, Australia in Aug. 2013. Previously, I was working as an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department, UET Lahore. Prior to that, I worked as a Research Fellow (Postdoc) with Prof. Rodney A. Kennedy in the Research School of Engineering, Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia. I was awarded University Gold Medal and Industry Gold Medals from Siemens and Nespak for overall outstanding performance in Electrical Engineering during the undergraduate studies. I was a recipient of an Endeavour International Postgraduate Award for my Ph.D. studies.

Research Interests

  • Signal analysis on the sphere

  • Spatio-spectral signal processing

  • Development of computationally efficient algorithms

  • Spherical signal processing applications in Acoustics, Medical Imaging, Cosmology

  • Connectivity of ad-hoc networks

My research is focused on the development of new signal processing techniques to analyse signals defined on the sphere. Analysis and processing of signals defined on the sphere find applications in various fields of science and engineering, such as cosmology, geophysics, acoustics and medical imaging. I served the objective to develop new signal processing methods and propose novel methods for signal analysis on the sphere. Recently, I have also developed interests in the investigation of connectivity properties of wireless networks deployed over a finite area. In this direction, I have carried out the connectivity analysis for the network of nodes distributed inside regular convex polygons using stochastic geometry.