Faculty Profile

Dr. Kashif Zaheer Malik

Associate Professor

Department Of Economics

Dr. Kashif is a Fulbright Scholar and has a Masters and PhD in Economics from Florida State University. His research area includes Applied Economics, Applied Macroeconomics, Time-Series Econometrics and Micro-finance. Dr. Malik started working in the area of microfinance in 2012. Since then he has won a number of research grants to explore and empirically test risk-sharing products. He is currently implementing three randomized control trial (RCT) of an equity-based asset finance product in collaboration with researchers from University of Oxford and microfinance institutional partner, such as Ahkuwat and NRSP. One of the studies was successful in securing one of the most competitive funding awards-from Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA), funded by Melinda and Gates Foundation, as part of their financial inclusion program that aims to test innovative new models for poverty alleviation through financial inclusion.

He has done research and consulting assignments for International agencies (IGC, DFID, World Bank, Global Fund to End Slavery), MNC’s (Coca-Cola), Banks (Barclays’s) and Government (Punjab Government). Dr. Malik has conducted various quantitative researches in multiple areas ranging from Trade and Industry to Micro-finance. He has consulted for Barclays Bank and Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited and has also been involved with the International Growth Centre (IGC). His recent research has been published in acclaimed journals such as Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Economics Modelling and Journal of Economics and Finance.