Faculty Profile

Dr. Hadia Majid

Associate Professor

Department Of Economics

A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Hadia Majid holds a PhD in Development Economics from The Ohio State University. Her research interests include economics of the household, parental decision-making, and human capital acquisition. Her earlier work evaluates the Mexican conditional cash transfer program at the intra-household level, the micro-impacts of the Lahore Metrobus, and the impacts of inequality on public goods access and charitable giving. Currently, she is focused on labor markets. Here, her projects include mapping various aspects of the female labor force participation in Pakistan over the past 30 years, examining the constraints and vulnerabilities of women in the urban informal economy, the status of Decent Work in rural Pakistan for men and women, the links between macroeconomic growth and gendered employment, the impact of BISP on women's labor market outcomes and decision-making, and workplace harassment among female factory workers.